Sunday, April 17, 2011

Primary Source Article How Wounded Yankee is Treated From Hospital to Home.

In the first part if the article it states that Prvt. Smith was injured in battle and his thigh was shattered. This article's purpose is that it shows how the soliders were moved from thev battle field to the field hospital then to the main hosptial. It also shows what medicine the soilders were giving so that they would stay alive. They stated in the article that had to move patients at night because it was to dangerous to move wounded soilders during the day.

Editorial Letter

Dear Editor: Have you seen recent tactics used by our troops? This is reduiculious. There should be no articles published by your company promoting trench warfare. Trench Warfare is a way to kill more people. It is rediculious that you magazine is publizing it and saying it's a good thing. Trench Warfare is a terrible tactict. Who wants to stand in a trench while being shot at and having bombs dropped on them. Your a sitting duck for them enimie to come and kill you and all of the other troops. There is no reason why there even is a war right now. The whole war to me is rediculious. Overall I feel that trench warfare is one of the worse ideas that we have ever came up with.

Eye Witness Report

I saw them coming. They were moving faster and faster. We just kept shooting at them, down the trench. Every second felt like an hour, but they just kept coming. My boys and I were trying to hold them off; we were waiting for back up and an artillery drop. My platoon 563 was the last line of defense before they took the trench. It was hard to breathe or move because of all of the casualties around me. Now there was no option but to fight. Our minds were set and we just kept fighting and shooting. We would switch every time one of us had to reload our weapon. Finally the artillery came and dropped 4 Airco DH-4 bombs by our location and took our all of the German troops. After that we received more troops at our location and kept on fighting. - John, just returned from war

Trench Warfare and War in the Air/ Overview

Overview: Trench Warfare is the new way to fight the war. This new tactic is revolutionizing common warfare. Soldiers are digging trenches to stand in while fighting against their opponent. They dug the trenches in a zig-zag so enemies couldn't shoot straight down the trenches; also it was harder to capture the trench. War in the air has also become a very popular strategy. Many countries have adapted this technique. Hot air balloons have been used at the beginning of the war to drop bombs and to see enemy troops approaching. Now we have airplanes and they have been used to drop bombs instead of hot air balloons. A "Dogfight" is when 2 or more planes fight in the air shooting and chasing each other. This is a new tactic used very recently. These are 2 very new tactics that are revolutionizing warfare.